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Welcome to Bluestone School's Website! Here you'll find useful information about how our school works, what we believe in, and what's coming up. This is also a place for our teachers to share their online classes with parents and students.

Bluestone is introducing an Enrolment Scheme to address issues of overcrowding. Our current roll is 560 and growing so a zone is required. On the first Monday of the new term a draft zone boundary will be sent home. On the first Tuesday of the new term, Tuesday 6 May, there will be a public meeting in our Hall at 7pm, providing the opportunity to discuss the enrolment scheme and to give feedback on the draft zone boundary. There will also be consultation with others affected by the zone such as neighbouring schools. Once the consultation has been completed the Ministry of Education will take all of that into consideration and announce the final scheme details. It is hoped that the enrolment scheme will be in place by half way through term 2.

​Look on our next page (News Centre) to see all that we have planned for term 2 at Bluestone School.

The results of our amazing talent quest are:
Solo Singing - 1st Peta, 2nd Neve, 3rd Roshean
Group Items - 1st Peta & Melissa, 2nd Whiti Band, 3rd Trouble Band
Original Music - 1st Neve & Renee (New Generation), 2nd Peta (Lost), 3rd Briana & Co (Experience)
Dance - Maddison
Instrumental - 1st Jordan (Guitar solo), 2nd Jacob (Drum solo), 3rd Lochey & Kate (Banjo duo)

We have established a Facebook page for Bluestone parents as another means of communication. We will use this to keep you up to date with what is happening and to share our news as it breaks.
To visit our page go to:

Our Year 8 students have enjoyed a wide range of activities while at Camp in Hanmer. Mountain biking, orienteering, bush skills, problem solving skills (Mission Impossible), tree climbing,conservation,  and even checking out how water proof their jackets really were!


Ministry of Education - Information for parents

We are proud to announce that our students involved in the relay added to the $640 raised through mufti day so that our total fundraising reached $4,026!  What an amazing effort. A huge thank you to the large number of parents who turned up at the event to support us. We can feel very proud of being so well represented by our students for such a worthy cause.

After several years as Chairperson of our Board, Nathan Taylor has stood down from office but remains on our board as a valued member able to share his wisdom and experience. Iain Bamber has been elected to the Chair and we welcome his understanding of education and his passion to ensure we keep our students as the central focus of our efforts. We are fortunate to have  great depth of governance on our Board as we take Bluestone into the future.

Message from the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has asked that we pass on to you the attached letter from the Director of Public Health, Dr Darren Hunt, concerning the measles outbreaks. A copy of this letter will be on our the Ministry of Education website at:, or click on the letter below.

Bluestone was last reviewed by ERO in 2009. With a highly successful review the school was placed on a 4-5 year review cycle. After 5 years we have learned ERO will revisit us in Term 2.

The purpose of ERO’s reviews is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and their children receive. An ERO school report answers the question “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning - engagement, progress and achievement?” Under that overarching question ERO reports on the quality of education and learning outcomes for children and for specific groups of children including Māori students, Pacific students and students with special needs. ERO also reports on the quality of the school’s systems for sustaining and continuing improvements.

News and Information at Bluestone in 2014
In 2014 newsletters will be sent home on the first Wednesday of each term and every second week thereafter. Weekly news will be published on our website and via the Principal's email tree to parents. If you want to receive these email updates (including breaking news) then just email and ask to be included in parent emails

Otipua Wetlands area for development by Bluestone School
We have adopted an area of the Otipua Wetlands to further develop. The area does have some trees and shrubs planted but these have become very overgrown. We will de-stress these by pulling the grass away from around the bottom of them. We will also do further plantings. This is a long term project so students will be involved in planning what we do. Look under the  Our Learning tab and select Otipua Wetlands for pictures of progress and for further detail. If you would like to get involved in this project we would love to hear from you.

Student Safety extending to helmets for those on scooters or skateboards
We are asking all students who ride scooters or skateboards to school to wear a helmet.
If children are involved in an accident the helmet could prevent injury.
Students riding scooters or skateboards on paths need to take extreme care with motorists pulling out of or in to drive ways. Our students need to look and listen and not assume the motorists will stop.
We appreciate the support of parents in discussing this important matter with students. We will also reinforce this through class lessons and through sessions with our Police Education Officers.

Email updates for parents
If as a parent you would like to get emails telling you about important news each week then simply email to and in the subject line type Parent Information please

 Our board consists of Parent Elected Reps, Iain Bamber, Andrew Dyne, Adrian Gray, Leola Smith, Nathan Taylor, and a Staff Rep, Justine Reihana, and Principal, Ian Poulter. 

You can view the calendar of this year's events by clicking on the Our Information tag and then the Calendar tag.

You can view this by clicking on the Our Media tab on our home page.